Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ollie-- I'm Getting a Friend!

Before our PVPC picnic this year, Ollie was the only dog in his home. He would be afraid when his parents left him to run errands. He just got very upset! I suggested that maybe he needed a friend.
So, they told Ollie they would look for a friend for him. And he looked, too!
And he looked this way.
And he looked that way. He looked when he was outside.
And he looked when he was inside.
He looked and he waited.
And then his parents told him they were going to the picnic and they were going to find him a friend! Nothing's better than having a friend. Look tomorrow to see who it is.


lady jicky said...

Oh Ollie - I wonder who it will be??
You are what we used to call a "looking Lulu"

Will it be a pekapoo I wonder or will it be a pussy cat! Oh, no -- maybe a big fat Koala Bear???
Can't wait for tomorrow Ollie.
Kenzo bets its a pork chop - I think it just could be a peekapoo!

Karin said...

How sweet ~ hopefully it will help lessen the separation anxiety. Can hardly wait to see who it will be!


lady jicky said...

Just checking to see if Ollie has that friend yet!
Nope, no can see. LOL