Monday, February 22, 2010


Amelia came to us through a Virginia shelter-- she is incredibly sweet. She is all settled into her car seat to ride to her new foster home in S.E. Virginia.
But, first, we stopped at Yankee Candle in Williamsburg. They let you bring dogs in!
Amelia loved it! She was checking out everything. And everyONE was checking her out! I didn't think Jeanne (who met me there) or I would ever get out of the store because so many people had to greet Amelia.
Amelia didn't know a stranger! It was really fun to walk around with her-- we met so many people!
She settled right into her foster home. Look at that pillow! BIG!
She asked to go outside, whining at the back door until her foster mom came for her. She played and seems very happy to be part of a family again.
I don't think this one will be in foster care long! Yes, Amelia, you are beautiful!


lady jicky said...

Amelia is such a lovely girl and she knows how to shop too!!!!!

I am sending peeky vibes for just a wonderful home !

Karin said...

I definitely agree that Amelia won't be in foster care long. It's amazing she went right to the door to be let out and is friendly with strangers. Most dogs would be pretty overwhelmed. She's a beauty!

claudine hellmuth said...

what a beauty! I have been out of town and catching up with all the peke news. Amelia is just lovely!!