Monday, February 15, 2010

Can we be relaxed???/Four Rescues

Here are the four I just got out of a shelter on Saturday. They are (left to right) Caleb, Katie, Ty, and Sugar. (We're at the vet and they kept going into the open crates I used for transport.)
Sugar is super sweet.
Caleb is a little sweet boy at 9 pounds.
Ty is a shy, but sweet boy. He is seriously thin, but we can help that! Look for more on the Four!
DiDi is VERY relaxed. It's okay that she only has part of the bed. I don't think she notices!


lady jicky said...

Wow, four new little pekes. They all look lovely and I do hope they find a home soon.
You are a peke angel Linda!

claudine hellmuth said...

You are a peke angel!! Sugar and Caleb are the sweetest! I hope they all will heal soon!

CrisL09 said...

They all look so sweet and relaxed- it's because they know that they are in good hands and that you will find them wonderful foster/forever homes...goodluck they are precious!

Karin said...

My goodness, are they all from the same home? DiDi is too funny. It's obvious that they are all VERY adoptable sweethearts. You sure do stay very busy, don't you Linda?

Monica said...

Wow!!! Four at are "Saint Linda of the Pekes". They are adorable. FYI - BB/Phoebe is doing GREAT!!!

Gracie's Mom said...

Gracie and I could come and play with the new pekes.