Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sugar Annie in the Snow/New Fosters

I just want you to see the new Pekes we have brought in this week. SIX!! And all so sweet.
This is Sugar-- she is a ball of energy. Here's a video: Click here: YouTube - 100_5092.MOV
This is Caleb-- he's only 9 pounds and a sweetheart!
Check out Katie and Ty-- so cute!
And here's little Carmen-- she's not even a year old.
This is Chester-- what a doll! He's in Richmond now. Safe! Loving being in foster care.
And Here's Sugar Annie!!
Sugar Annie was out in the snow with her Dad. She is showing off her pink coat that is now layered with snow.

She and her mom both have pink on. It's a girl thing!

Then, Sugar decided to go out without a coat. She blends right in!

She's checking out the fence line.

Are those my tracks or is there some invader in my yard??

I guess it's just me. Look how beautiful I am! You can see my eyes and nose.

The colors of blue in the snow are stunning. The snow is so pretty-- but COLD!

It's time to go in, and get warm. But, first a giant towel wrap to dry out. Her mom and dad warm up the towel in the dryer so it will be warm when she comes in. This is easy with one dog-- but what about four dogs or five, or nine!

Now, she's dried off and ready to return to check out her yard.

Back to see if another critter has come into her yard. I think it's safe Sugar. :-) Some of the snow was so deep, it confused her, but she figured it out.

And she forged on. It's kind of hard to go to the bathroom when it's this deep and her dad shoveled out a path for her. Sometimes, she stuck her face into the snow to see if something was in there-- but it was just snow.

Sugar could be a little model for outdoor outfits. She is posing so nicely.



lady jicky said...

I am still getting over that snow and Sugar Annie! Wow its deep and she is such a pretty peke with or without her pink coat.
I must say she is rather lucky to get that hot towel after a spin outside.
I love all your new fosters Linda and I do hope they find a great home for they all deserve it.

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness....when I come back in my next life I want to be Sugar's Mom and Dad dog...You don't think she is spoiled???? She is so pretty. Thank you for loving her so much. !!!!!

claudine hellmuth said...

they are all so sweet. I love Caleb!! what a cute little guy!!

Sugar Annie is BEAUTIFUL love her pics in the snow.