Sunday, February 28, 2010

Westminster Dogs

Jeanne, our Richmond rep (and my Rescue Assistant), went to the Westminster Dog Show in New York. She was able to see the dogs UP CLOSE!
Here is the Newfoundland-- a big sweet dog.
This is the Tibetan Spaniel, often confused with the Pekingese. But, they are different (I'm been confused by them!).
Here is the Standard Poodle-- don't you love the ears. What these dogs do to be beautiful!
This is the Chinese Crested-- it's called a powder buff because it has hair. I know, you thought they all were hairless-- so did I! :-)
Here is the beautiful Chow Chow. He looks very happy to be competing there. And of course, the beautiful Pekingese! This one placed second in the toy breed competition.
They're all beautiful dogs!


lady jicky said...

I love dog shows! Many years ago when I was just married my hubby and I showed our Cairn Terrier Toby.
My first dog was a cairn. My family Always had cats and although I liked them I was not "nuts about them" like the rest was. When I got married we got a dog -- I found out I was a "dog person"!!
We only showed for a year because we thought it would be fun - it wasn't and that we would make nice friends - we didn't! Not even the breeder who sold Toby to us liked us for we became COMPETION !!
Toby hated it so we stopped . I still love to watch the shows all the same and guess which will be best of breed, best dog and best bitch. Best puppy and best junior puppy!
I would love to go to Crufts and the Westminster!! I will if I win the lottery:)

Karin said...

I love them ALL!

So for people it's all about the competition rather than having fun?? I think the dogs must have the right idea then because they seem to be having fun in the ring ~~ or are they just so overjoyed to be out of the rollers and cages:)
I do greatly appreciate all they go through so we spectators get to enjoy their flawless beauty!
I'm sorry your experience wasn't as fun as you'd hoped Melinda! I admire your enthusiasm and courage of trying something different:)

lady jicky said...

Karin , let me tell you the travel and the hanging around for your turn is taxing but we were young then with no kids ! LOL
Oh yes, its about winning and getting your points up for the more wins and points - you can charge more for your puppies plus - some people have that competitive personality Karin. If it wasn't dogs it would have been sports, rose growing etc , etc.
I do admire their energy I have to say and some dogs LOVE TO SHOW - my Kenzo would make the best show dog for he loves showing off and has the best running style but the pedigreed one in the family (MOI MOI - Kenzo is a mixed breed and so they would HATE him - most pedigree people just HATE mixed breeds! If you love dogs then it doesn't matter what their breed line is !! They don't think like that sadly. Moi would hate it as she is too timid and would not run with her tail high and be very scared all the time.
Some people show their dogs better than others and there are pro. dog shower's that you can hire to show your dog so it has a better chance to win!
Its a business !
My Toby would get the shakes in the end when our car got close to the showground so - we dumped the idea after the shaking incident.
They really are a VERY BITCHY lot in the dog comp world ! I think I could take that stuff ALOT better now I am OLDER but ... I don't have the energy or the interest now!
I'd rather watch ! Oh and the peke people here in Australia are not many (Very hard to get a peke here- not popular) most are old ladies and THEY are more fascinating than their dogs!!!!!!! LOL