Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lilly Faith/Greenies Warning/Lost Dog

I wanted to put this warning about Greenies on this blog. One of our foster dogs had a lot of trouble when she swallowed too big a piece. Another adopted dog had a similar problem, and had to be in the emergency vet for two days. Please use great caution if you choose to use this treat. Here are two connections to read on it.
Click here: Greenies

Click here: Dog Treat May Carry Danger - Money News Story - KIRO Seattle
If you live in Northern Virginia, there is a lost Brussels Griffon. Griffy's owner Gail was in a minor automobile accident on January 22, 2010, in Annandale. Griffy escaped from the vehicle and has not been seen since. Griffy is a Brussels Griffon, 4.5 years old with a docked tail. His ears are natural and he is neutered. He was wearing tags and a collar.He is in need of grooming. Please pass the attached flier along to your affiliates and associates.Contact Gail at 571-278-9426 or Paul at 571-337-5260 for information or follow his blog at Click here: Find Griffy

Lilly Faith is one of our rescue dogs. She came from the Arkansas puppy mill raid. Lilly Faith is potty trained to go on piddle pads. She has learned to go potty outside, too!

She has come so far and is very affectionate with her foster mom. She loves to follow her around. She is a very devoted Peke!

She is just wondering who her permanent mom/family will be.

And thinking about it makes her perk right up! Here is a video that her foster mom made-- Click here: #p/#p/a/u/2/sdgShE5G2Hk


Mary Elizabeth said...

Every time I see her sweet little face, I have to repeat to myself, "one peke is enough. Camden is still adjusting and his food aggression is not under control. One Peke is enough." I hope she finds a great forever home! She's gorgeous and seems a real sweetheart.

RescuegirlinVA said...

She is my love bug. Everyday I am more and more amazed at how much she has grown. Someone will be very lucky to have her as part of their family.

Kim said...

The video link doesn't work. And, yes, I bet Lilly Faith is as sweet as she looks.

Linda said...

I changed the video link.

Karin said...

Lilly Faith is BEAUTIFUL! It's hard to believe she came from such deplorable conditions. How much more suffering will it take for puppy mills to be outlawed??!
I've heard about the dangers of greenies. All the package says is not to feed it if your dog is a "gulper".
I used to feed greenies, but one of the poms swallowed large chunks and had major digestive problems. Luckily he didn't require surgery. Thanks for the warning! You made me aware of the problems with Nutro on your blog:) This information lead me to find a high quality, human grade holistic food which I'm positive has prolonged my 3 dogs' lives. Thank-you, Linda!

Karin said...

OOPs ~ I hope the lost dog is found very soon!!

lady jicky said...

Oh boy so much to address in this busy post Linda.
Firstly those green things. I have seen a product from the US in the fancy $$ petshops. I have never bought them (thank god) because of the colour and the dollars - if its imported they wack on the dollars. I find the colour off putting and I don't for one minute believe its a natural "green" product either! LOL
I do hope that the little Grif is found for the lady who helped us train Kenzo breed Griffons and he trained with one of hers some days. They are a very sweet dog. I am sending out vibes that she is found soon.
Finally to sweet little Lilly. What a beautiful girl she is and I watched the video which just made me cry. Lilly is like my Moi , both are small and have that trusting look. I do hope she finds just the right home forever!
Oh - so nice to see Mary Elizabeth here - Mother of the wonderful Camben - what a beauty he is - I have always had a soft spot for Camden and I have added Lilly to the list too!
If I lived in the US - those two would be in my backyard by now :)

Linda said...

Karin, what food are you using now? I can pass it on. :-)

Karin said...

There's information about it on this website:

One of my poms stopped having issues with frequent vomiting and another one stopped limping within the first week of feeding it.