Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is Jeanne's car-- Virginia got hit again by the snow! Where is it all coming from??? Notice her license plate.
Her husbnd, Bill, dug a path through the snow for the dogs-- but by evening, you couldn't see it. We had a LOT of snow! We have had ENOUGH snow, thank you.
Here is part of Jeanne's back yard. She has a beautiful garden. She's going to have a tour in the spring to raise money for our foster Pekes. We'll be announcing it on the blog later.
This is her Harry Lauder Walking Stick Tree-- it's beautiful. The snow can be like a winter wonder land. But, I like to be warm, INSIDE..
This snowman was built during the last snow storm-- and he's almost covered up! I think he is begging for help! The bird is trying to find something to eat (don't worry, it's not a real bird). I love this picture! haha
And here's my house again-- we didn't get as much snow here this time. Jeanne had a LOT more than I did. I'm near the beach, so it protects us a little.
It's pretty-- I love the dusting effect on the bushes and trees. It's like a painting.
My husband took this picture of me in the study--I am at the desk, working on a state vet report for our club. It's tedious work-- but it has to be done. I finally had to just buckle down and do it! And it's done-- for another year. I'm keeping better records this year.
Here are some of the branches in my yard.
And Anna is all set, in her pink sweater with a doggy sweatshirt over it. Jeanne's vet donated the sweatshirt to our foster Pekes. And it's so cute on her! She's ready to brave the snow!
Did YOU get any snow??


lady jicky said...

No snow here Linda but ALOT of heat. Today is the anniversary of our very bad bushfire last year.
I will never forget that day - the heat was119f coupled with wind - I have never experienced such a hot day and I hope I never will . Like opening a hot oven Linda !
173 people died that day. 2173 properties were destroyed and another 1500 properties and businesses damaged .
We live a half hours drive from one of the worst hit towns.
Today was hot but not that hot.
I have seen your snow on our TV and now in your lovely photos.

pekiegirl said...

We got at least 18" if not more! I heard another storm is coming by Tuesday through Wednesday--enough already!! Had to dig a path along side of the house to under the back deck so the dogs could go potty somewhere.

Sylvia said...

Oh...I love little Anna:-)))We ended up with 30 inches of snow by the time it ended at 5:00PM yesterday. Craig spent well into the night snow blowing out our driveway and digging paths for Joshie, Jimmy and Ginger Snap. I am so happy that little Ginger was saved by the shelter and PVPC, so she wasn't out in this, since only a few days ago she was wandering the streets of Baltimore. Now everyone is happy and warm:-)

claudine hellmuth said...

lots of snow here in DC! Love Anna's sweatshirt. go Buckeyes!

Karin said...

Excellent pictures ~ even the snowman wants to hide! I think Virginia and East Coast areas are getting all the snow Michigan usually gets! We're not getting as much snow this year, but the amount we got in December & January is not melting. I'd rather just watch snow on TV like Malinda:)
A home tour is a great idea for a peke fundraiser!
You look mighty busy working on your vet reports, Linda:)
Gingersnap is the perfect name for the little red peke.

Anonymous said...

It decided to snow when we weren't there, go figure! Oh I miss you and being a mommy to a Peke soooo much :(