Friday, February 12, 2010

Merit-- Too Much Snow/Snickers

This 11 month old Peke was taken to the Calvert County Shelter in Maryland because he didn't want to go to the bathroom in the snow! I've heard everything now! He is being well cared for by loving people at this shelter and is available for adoption. His name is Snickers. You can contact Kelly at
The kennel # 410.257.4908
This is how many people in Virginia and Maryland feel about the snow now. I couldn't resist putting this picture on the blog!
Click here: Pawz Dog Boots For those of you who would like to put boots on your dogs in this snowy weather, please look at this web site. I saw it on line and some dogs will actually wear these. :-) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
This is Merit, one of our foster dogs. He is so cute! The black ones are not that common.
Merit's foster mom told me they had 22 inches of snow and more coming-- That is just way too much snow! We live in Virginia and Maryland, for heaven's sake. Not Minnesota! Merit took refuge in a laundry basket.
One of my email friends said they put a tarp down and kept shaking it off during the snow-- and when the dogs went outside, they pulled the tarp up and had a grassy area for them. I thought this was a good idea-- if you can keep the snow shaken off the tarp!! Merit's foster mom shoveled a path outside, but Merit decided to hide out in the cat's kitty litter box. Anything is better than going outside!


claudine hellmuth said...

Poor Snickers!! I can not believe some people!! He is so cute I wish we could adopt him.

Merit is a sweetie. so funny with him sitting in the litter box.

cby said...


Do you know anything more about Snickers than what you posted? Our family would love to have him as a family member. He is the perfect age (playmate) for our one year old female Peke, FuShing.

lady jicky said...

Good grief! Why have a dog (and snickers is just beautiful) in a snowy place then? Sounds like a very weak excuse to me!
I hope Snickers finds a lovely home.
Isn't Merit a lovely guy too. Like you say --- you don't see many black pekes!

Linda said...

I don't know anything else about Snickers-- you can contact the shelter or the email address I included.

Anonymous said...

If I was there I'd make Snickers mine! What a sweet little guy, it's a shame some people don't understand what being a pet owner means. :(

Pekiegirl said...

Yoshi didn't want to go outside in the snow either, but we just shoveled a path to under our back deck for him and Shami to go. Now they think it's great because they can now walk on top of the snow!!!Pretty lazy and lame excuse for giving up your pet!!!