Thursday, March 4, 2010

JuJu-- In and Out

Lady Jicky-- this is for you! I know it's hot in Australia, but here, IT'S SNOWING AGAIN! We're ready for spring!
This is JuJu-- now Juliette. She lived in the mountains of Virginia.

She loves the snow!

I think someone else made this path for her-- but it's still pretty deep!

Her owner could no longer care for her. She asked us to help. JuJu is only 14 months old, and very sweet. Of course, we could help.

Melanie, one of our volunteers in N.Va., went to pick her up. JuJu came back to Melanie's house to spend some time. She loved crawling into the open crate with her sweater on. Many Pekes do like the "hidey holes" that crates are for them.

She even had one of her toys in there to keep her company.

JuJu enjoyed sitting on top of the couch-- like most Pekes!
JuJu/Juliette was adopted quickly. Here she is with her new best friend, Owen. She loves the park, and going for walks. She runs and hops and tries to get Owen to play.

I think Juliette is very relaxed here-- and just resting up so she can play with Owen again.


lady jicky said...

Ooooo Linda - that looks so cold and why that tiny peke did not freeze on the spot I do not know but ... that JuJu is a Snow Bunny!
I am not surprised she got adopted quickly for she is very pretty .
Moi Moi likes a hidey hole - I thought it was to get away from Kenzo but..... maybe its the "peke" in her!
I must make her a couple of hidey hole houses!

Karin said...

JuJu doesn't even seem to mind all that snow one bit! Owen looks like a mini St. Bernard ~ very cute!
I forgot to mention on yesterday's post that Scooterbug was my favorite too.