Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mulch Warning

Ty is out on the deck. Look at that sweet face!
Now that spring is here, Max will be in his position on the deck steps. He loves to guard the yard from there.
Here are Cranberry and little Caleb. They love the deck, too.
They all like the Pekingese lounger (aka lawn chair). I pulled it out and Starlight and Scooter jumped right up there. The dogs will be in the yard more which is why we have to be extra careful of what is out there. I've put this warning on before, but I'll do it every year.
Cocoa mulch (might go under other names, so check the labels) is very dangerous for dogs. It's supposed to keep cats away from your flower beds, but dogs might like to sample it. It's not good for them. It can be highly toxic, so please don't use it anywhere. We have to keep these precious dogs safe! P.S. CAREY JUST TOLD ME CEDAR MULCH CAN BE TOXIC TOO. I DIDN'T KNOW THIS-- SO JUST BE CAREFUL.


lady jicky said...

We do not get this mulch here - but we do get coconut and sugercane mulch. I have not heard anything about them being dangerous.
What is it in the cocoa mulch that is dangerous to dogs Linda?

I can see your weather is getting warmer and I bet those pekes are happy outside sniffing about.
Pekes are very nosey :)

Linda said...

I don't know what ingredient is dangerous-- but I'll stay away from it.

cby said...

Thank you for the warning on the mulch. Not only cocoa mulch, but cedar mulch is also toxic, because of the cedar oil. There are also many plants that are toxic to dogs in this area.

The Pekes look so happy to be out in the sunshine!

John said...

I knew about the cocoa thing, but I had never heard about cedar mulch being a problem. (Thanks to cby comment above.) I'll have to look into that. Plant and Garden Blog

Linda said...

John, where is your landscaping company.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Yes! Thank you for pointing this out. We are in the process (actually my hubby is)of removing all the red mulch we have around the house. My mom had the same kind and one of her sweet pups ate some and it splintered inside of him :( We thought it was only cocoa mulch that was bad.

lady jicky said...

I have been thinking about that cocoa mulch (yes, I need to get a life.LOL) and I think its the chemical in chocolate that must be in it that dogs can't handle!
What do you think?

Hey John ----- I have added you to "my favourites" and I shall be over there in a pekey flash! :)