Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ty- The Toy is Mine/Farewell to Meng and Bogey

Yesterday was not a good day-- we lost two of our Pekingese friends. Meng Tzu had Cushings' Disease. She loved the snow this year. She would investigate the paths and glory in the ability to lick the snow-- she thought it was a giant box of tssue that had been spread around for her pleasure. She loved to be outside, and just wagged her tail as she walked through it. The vet felt she has a thrombosis in her lungs, not abnormal at end of stage Cushings. She was a sweetheart and as her owner said, "a pistol of a dog." They will all miss her so much. She was adopted from PVPC about 6 years ago and she had a special life with her owners. Rest in peace, sweet Meng Tzu.
FAREWELL TO BOGEY: Bogey was on my blog a little while ago. He belongs to a Peke friend. He was having a dental yesterday when his heart suddenly quit. They tried for 30 minutes to revive him, but they weren't able to. I'm so sorry to Chris for the loss of her sweet dog. Lafite will miss his litter mate, and best friend. Rest in peace, sweet Bogey.

Ty-- The Toy is Mine!Ty-- The Toy is Mine!
This is Ty. I call him Ty-Ty. He came to me VERY thin. He is also very timid, and a total sweetheart. He is starting to play with toys. He loves the backyard and being out there with his Pekingese friends and with me. Here he is with Caleb: Click here: YouTube - Pekingese Ty and Caleb playing
He decided to take this one out to the yard with him. (You can see my pathetic yard-- the winter and rain really did a job on it. But, the Pekingese are all helping me rake leaves, and get things ready to plant more seed-- you KNOW they are helping me!)
This toy big and purple and has lots of "legs." And it squeaks!
He carried it around the yard with him-- onto the Pekingese Pathway.
On to the grass. That's Caleb in the background. Caleb really wants it. But, Ty does NOT want to share it. It was so funny because if push came to shove, Ty would never fight-- it's just part of who he is. Caleb wouldn't fight either. That's why it was so funny.
Look at this fierce face! Check out this growl-- cracks me up! Click here: YouTube - Ty the Pekingese


lady jicky said...

Send my love to Meng and Bogey's owners - they were both lovely pekes. I hope in time they just might get another. Very sad.

Ty has one big Grrrrrrr doesn't he but... you can tell he is just a marshmellow ! LOL
Hope that boy gets a fabbo home real soon Linda!

claudine hellmuth said...

toby had a little growl just liked that. never failed to crack me up!