Sunday, March 14, 2010

Melanie's Pekes

I received this hint if you have a dog who has lots of itching problems:
I had a foster pug who came to me w/really bad skin allergies - itching her belly until she would bleed. Now, she did take an allergy pill every morning but she was still really itchy.
I got Gold Bond medicated powder and I would lay her down on her back and powder her up just like a baby and it worked wonders! Within a couple days her skin was clear and she was comfortable. I kept it up - 2x a day even after it her itching cleared up.
Before we see Lilly Faith and her friends, I want to include a picture of one of their New York friends (and my New York friends!). This is Suzy Wonton, Willie Wonton's sister. She has no eyes (if you've seen her on the blog before, you know she lost both eyes because of health issues). She does not let this get in her way and can navigate her home just fine. She is smiling here because she's so glad Spring is coming!
Here are Ferbie and Barnie-- Lilly Faith's Pekingese friends that she lives with for now. We're hoping she'll find her own home soon! Barney must be sharing a special secret with Ferbie.
Lilly Faith has come a long way-- she's doing great! She is a small, beautiful Peke. She was one of the puppy mill rescues.
She has the most beautiful eyes. She can see a little, enough to get around. What many people don't realize is that dogs adjust to losing their sight or to having limited vision-- their other senses kick in and become more acute.
She loves her foster dad, Brian. He obviously loves her, too. :-)
Is that a little bit of tongue poking out of her mouth? I think that's so cute.
And this is my favorite-- a pink bed picture! Melinda in Australia is determined to find the people version of this pink bed. She says all the Pekes seem to love them and sleep so well in them. There must be a "pink bed for people."
Lilly Faith- you are adorable!!


lady jicky said...

Linda, what is Gold Bond powder? Would you please tell me the name of the drug house that makes it so I can see if I can buy some of that powder for Ms itchy Moi here at our Chemist to try too! I do think she is allergic to our grass. I would love to see if this works and stop her very low dose cortisone tabs.
I adore Suzy Wonton and I just think she is the bravest girl! Go Suzy!
I am so sure someone will snap up Lilly Faith for she is the prettiest peke in or out of a MAGIC PINK BED!!
Oooo Linda , you know I want one of those Pink Beds for ME!!! LOL

RescuegirlinVA said...

Oh Linda that is so sweet of you to post those photos of Lilly and the one of Brian. I really do hope she finds her forever home soon as she is so deserving!! What a sweet blog.
Thanks Linda~

claudine hellmuth said...

Lilly is SO cute! she's so tiny!! Big kisses to Lilly!

Anonymous said...

As always, what a lovely bunch of soft and pretty Pekes!