Monday, March 29, 2010

The Pekingese Pathway Now that it's warming up, you can enjoy this video and not start shaking with cold haha. I wonder if Pekes could be taught to do this?!
Remember the Pekingese Pathway? Here it is last fall after the big storm-- leaves all over. That's Max and BB (now Phoebe) walking on it.
I took it all up today. I want to re-do it and I put the stones somewhere else.
The yard is a mess. The winter did a job on it-- along with Pekes and my daughter's lab running around. But, I'm going to get it back in shape. I took all the stones up-- the "Pekingese lounger" is in view under the flower hanger. It's a work in progress.
Starlight helped me a lot. She was directing.
Cranberry was helping, also. Can't you see how hard she's working?
Caleb WAS helping-- showing me where to lay the stones. He's a tough boss!
And now it has been re-laid on the other side. I may get more and make the stones closer, but for now, this is what it looks like. The dogs love having a sidewalk just for them. Now, we'll get grass seed and work on getting the grass to come back.
I also have a path going down to the lower part of the yard.
Ty and Caleb were watching from the lower yard-- but...
Ty came up for a closer look. Yes, You, sweet Ty-Ty. He's helping to USE it!


lady jicky said...

There is alot of heavy duty work going on there Linda and NOT one peke has a Hard Hat on!

Shame on you! LOL

Linda said...

Can you imagine a Peke letting me put a hard hat on him/her? That's too funny!

cby said...

Who is more exhausted? You doing all the work or the Pekes supervising? It is going to look very nice when all is done. I think of all the rescue Pekes that have graced that walk. You need to make into the "Walk of Not the Same" Each rehabilitated dog gets a paver with their name and date. Don't forget the paw print! Thankfully, you'll need a lot of pavers!

Linda said...

What a wonderful idea-- pavers with their names on it. I'd have a LOT of pavers-- my yard would be covered haha. Thank you for your comment.

claudine hellmuth said...

awww so sweet!! I love little Caleb!!!

Jeanne said...

Caleb is sure a sweet looking little peke... I love his little eyes....I bet he will make a great companion for a lucky family.

Karin said...

You and the pekes aren't wasting any time getting started on beautifying the yard, now that winter's over. How nice to have all those eager helpers:)

CrisL09 said...

as I have said many times - I truly enjoy your blog, keeps me feeling close since my Dolly is a little angel in Heaven now. I think Ty Ty is saying "what are you waiting for? this is fun let's do more work".... And I LOVE Starlight- you can just always tell she has so much personality! Although sometimes your stories of her tend to remind me of a

Linda said...

The Pekingese pathway has changed AGAIN. I got more pavers, got them in (not great, but Pekes don't care). I moved the other path, so it's different again. Like it better though. I'll do a blog on how it looks. :-)