Thursday, August 11, 2011


This fire is close to where I live-- we are not in danger, but the air quality is BAD and our flat-faced dogs are having trouble breathing. (It was even on the news that these dogs were having trouble.) Of course, we keep ours inside and only go out when it's important. Pray the fire can be contained/put out. Click here: Dismal Swamp wildfire grows to 4,700 acres
It was bath and nail trim day. My husband got the camera -- I didn't know he was taking pictures or I would surely have dressed better! haha

Kai Kai (Kyden) is getting his nails trimmed. He's so good about it. He's good about everything. He got a bath after getting his nailed trimmed, his pads cleaned up, and lots of kisses.

I was blow drying one of the dogs and Cranberry was trying to escape back into the house. She actually loves to be blown dry-- she likes all the pampering.

But, today, she wanted to be IN. Doesn't she look pathetic. She was still wet here. She did manage to get the door open, but I found her and she had her turn of beauty.

And to finish the blog, I have a question. Where in the world is Starlight? Keep reading the blog!


lady jicky said...

Moi Moi likes her brush but Kenzo -- you have to catch him first!!! LOL

Tracey said...

Hmmm Starlight is for sure not at your house!! lol Hope all is well. I wish I were more talented at the nail trimming! I do the bathing fine. But, can't manage to do nail trims!

LuLu and Lolita said...

You are so lucky that the pekes at your house are so good about bath time and nail trims. My lolita always tries to jump out of the bath tub during her bath and hides in behind anything she can when the hair dryer comes out. And forget about the nail trimming, I can't think of anything she hates more than getting a nail trim. If you have any tips or tricks that can make bath and nail trimming more enjoyable, I would love to give them a try!

I hope the fire and smoke dies down soon. Lolita and I feel your pain--we were in Moscow last summer during the out-of-control forest fires. I had to wear a moistened face mask at all times, the smoke filled air burned my eyes and nostrils with every breath. Lolita stayed in at all times of course. Sending you our best wishes for more pleasant days!