Sunday, August 21, 2011


We had an "adoption event" on Saturday. We went to D.O.G's Daycare and Spa in Smithfield, VA. People could come see the dogs we had there and apply if they liked one. (No adoptions on the spot.) It was a nice place and I'll include their web site if you're in that area: Click here: D.O.G.S. Daycare & Spa The people were great who run it.

Zeke came. He is fostered by Tiffany and she has the cutest "adopt me" harness on him. Zeke came into foster care when his owner went into a care center and could no longer care for him.

Zeke is such a sweet boy, great with other dogs. He is older, but full of joy.

Teddy and Cosme came, too. Cosme had his ball with him. It goes everywhere with him.

Cosme talked to me while he was there. He had to warm up to bark each time-- getting his little mouth all ready to bark. I wasn't intimidated. He is so cute!

Yep, here he is getting ready to bark. :-)

Cosme is a beautiful boy-- well, they all are, what can I say. He carries his ball when he goes outside and can catch it if you toss it to him. He would be a perfect family dog. He is just a big ball of soft fluff!

We may try to do more of these events to let people know we have these wonderful dogs for adoption. We need to find homes for them-- all of them. :-)


Karin said...

They are beautiful!!

lady jicky said...

What a great idea Linda and I so hope you got a few people who signed up for adoption - Plus - they pass your test!! So important!!
I do like that Cosma with his ball - so cute!

Nicky said...

The adoption events sound like a wonderful idea! Such cute little bundles of fur!!

Anonymous said...

What a couple of cuties! I wish I could have been there. Hope they won over some worthy hearts.