Thursday, August 4, 2011


We have a name for this one-- we had a blog where lots of you suggested names and we loved every one of them! The highest vote was for Oreo-- but, his foster mom already had an Oreo, so that wasn't going to work. She decided to name him Domino, which is also really cute! I'll do a blog on Domino soon.

And we have three more that just came in. Here's a picture of one of them. He's a happy boy and he is at a vet in Roanoke until we can find a foster home. He's getting lots of attention there, but we still need more foster homes. I wonder what his name will be! :-)

Zack was adopted last year-- he was a "foster failure." We all have one of those! This is what he looked like in the shelter. His skin wasn't good, he wasn't clean or brushed, but he loved the attention he was getting from volunteers.

He just wanted a chance and a friend of mine said she would foster him. Well, Cris fell in love and adopted him. I'm so glad-- look at him now.

He is definitely relaxed in her home. He loves her kids and he gets a kiss from them everytime they leave to go somewhere.

Here he is showing off his summer cut. Look at the difference between this picture and when he came into rescue. I love to see the difference we can make in their lives. It makes all we do worth every minute! Zack also gets to go to work with his mom every day, so he really has a great life now. Zack, tell your mom to give you a hug for all of us. And a kiss, too!


lady jicky said...

All are so sweet!

emilyp said...

I love before and after pics!!