Thursday, August 18, 2011


Here are Gilbert and Sullivan gain. They are Peke mixes, but Roger couldn't leave them in the shelter. Gilbert and Sullivan were doing all they knew to do to get his attention and show him how loving they were-- rolling over, smiling (as Pekes can do), being sweet. He could NOT leave them-- not sure I could have either!! These two boys are so bonded that they cry if out of sight of the other. We definitely want to find them a home together. They are super sweet and love everybody they meet. We think they are about 7 years old. (I have two ten year old Pekes-- and a six year old, a seven year old.... and Pekes can live to 14-16 years old, so 7 is young!)

Here is Gilbert before his hair cut. Both dogs had skin issues and matting and dirt, and shaving them down is sometimes what we have to do to give them a chance to heal and start over.

And here he is now-- he has a new harness and a new start on life!

Sullivan was in the same condition. They also both had to have dentals. They lost some teeth (normal for the dogs we get who have had little to no medical care).

Here is another "before shave" picture. it just shows how pretty his coat will be once he is healthy and his hair grows back.

Gilbert and Sullivan (Sully) are staying at the vet's where they have their own special area, soft beds, lots of walks and attention. But, we do need a foster home for them. We have twice the number of dogs we normally have and just have no where to put this pair. All of our regular foster homes have double or triple the number of dogs they normally have. If you can foster or adopt this sweet bonded pair, please let us know.


lady jicky said...

Oh those two are so sweet - I would love to have them and I wish they find a fabulous forever home!!

Nicky said...

Two adorable pekeys for sure and many thanks to the vet so that they were able to be saved. Someone please step up to foster these two sweet boys.