Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Beth and David's Pekes were all dolled up for Easter. I love those little flowers the girls have on.Missy, Teddy and Cosme are focused on something. And Cosme is cracking up! Lily is just smiling. :-)I wonder if they have treats in those Easter eggs. I hope it's chocolate for the humans! Dogs can't have chocolates so maybe they have dog treats in them.Cosme is telling Lily a secret-- maybe he knows which eggs have the special treats in them.Missy's flowers is the same color are her ear tips were when she came into rescue-- PINK.Wiley looks so handsome in his bow-tie.There's Cosme laughing again!And Lily is trying to have a close-up picture taken of her. We see you sweet girl.I love the Peke parents who have time to do these special occasion pictures! I have figured how when to do it with Beach Bit here. One of these days, I will!


lady jicky said...

Oh the girls have the flowers and the boys have the bow ties!
How cute!!!

Lisa O said...

They look adorable! I hope the easter eggs did have doggy treats, they deserved them for sitting there so nicely.