Friday, April 20, 2012


Harper is my newest addition. He's a ten month old puppy that I got last week. I know he'll be snatched up quickly. He's housetrained! I love that. He and Chaumey both have e-collars on-- two cone-heads.Chaumey had eye (nasal fold) surgery to reduce the fold that was rubbing his eyes. If this surgery is not done, scarring can develop on the eyeballs and can eventually lead to blindness or limited vision. Now, Chaumey will be just fine. (His sad face is just his expression. He is the happiest dog!)When I have a dog with an e-collar on, I have to put out a low pasta dish so they can get water easily. Of course, sometimes, they put the entire lower part of the cone in it, so we have water all over. That's okay. I want to make sure they get enough to drink.The other bowl is from a crock pot that quit working. The dogs will choose this big water bowl over any of the other smaller ones I have. (I have multiple water dishes, in bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen...).Chaumey has had his e-collar on for a week, so he just has another 5 days or so. He'll be glad to get it off! I have to wipe them down daily because they can get all kinds of things in it. And Harper is just confused by his. He loves toys and the toys get stuck under it and he can't find it. Chaumey has mastered finding the toys, even with the collar on. They both love toys, and it's fun to watch them charge after them. I also have to hold their food dishes, so they can find the food. Just a small thing so that they get all they need to eat. Once his cone is off, Harper will be able to play with Cranberry again. For some reason, my older Peke girl loves this puppy. Her tail will just wiggle all over.And Harper will get down on his front paws, his little bottom in the air and he dances because he is so excited. I'm put some video links below for you to see how cute they are.He is a little funny boy! I just love him. I get to love so many-- some for just a short time, but I'm so lucky to have the chance to foster these sweet dogs.
here: Harperyard - YouTube

here: harpercranberry2 - YouTube

here: HarperChaumey - YouTube

Click here: harperpuppy -


lady jicky said...

We call those colars "the cone of silence" here ! LOL

Doris Sturm said...

They are both so precious - thank you so much for helping them feel better. You are an angel!