Thursday, April 5, 2012


Wiley Po Zhong Qi came from a shelter near me. He was in horrible shape. But, he was sweet and I couldn't leave him there. Beth and David adopted him and have brought him so far! They are great Peke parents!! Wiley had made it his job to protect his mom. He follows her from room to room.They adopted Lily at the same time. I took both dogs to meet them, and they both stayed! Of course, Wiley made sure he was going to stay by rolling over for a belly rub!Lily came from a back yard breeder and she has just blossomed with Beth and David.Cosme was a foster dog that they adopted. He worked himself right into their hearts and he loves to sit on his daddy's lap. Yes, he is very comfortable right there.Teddy is their foster dog. He's waiting for his forever home. We know it's out there.Missy came to us from a Maryland shelter. Her ears were tipped with pink. Beth and David adopted her also-- she is a Daddy's girl, too, I think.Look at that smile-- I think I'm right. And here they all are-- if you double click on the photo, you can see them better. Dont' forget to look on and under chairs. :-) It's a happy crowd!


Doris Sturm said...

What a bunch of happy looking Pekes...I wish I had a big house and yard so I could have more and also foster...thanks to you and all the wonderful people who love Pekes, these guys - and many others - have a very happy life now.

cby said...

Maison de le Pekingese. Love it!!

lady jicky said...

Oooo --- my comment here went to Odin! LOL Sorry.