Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Ginny was wondering when she would have a forever home. She is a special Peke-- she just wants to be the ONLY dog. Some are like that."You are out there, I know."And Ginny Lee was right! She was adopted last week-end. She immediately had to check out her yard and house. She went to the yard, knowing right where the back door would be. After that, she checked out the entire house. "So, this is my new home. I like it!" Then, she played with the kids and their toys for a long time-- over an hour! Then, she settled down to relax. She woke one of her owner's children the following morning by jumping up and down on her on the bed. They thought it was very cute! It shows show knows she is home. YEA for Ginny Lee!!!


lady jicky said...

Yeah for Ginny Too!!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So glad Ginny Lee got her furever home! It sounds like she is enjoying it. I bet her new owners didn't know they were getting an alarm clock! Continue to have fun in your new home, Ginny Lee.