Sunday, July 29, 2012


Look at this sweet face. This is "Cowboy Opie!" I just picked him up-- and Pixie Dust-- in Roanoke where they were staying until we could get them. Cowboy is one of our special boys. He has a heart murmur, and is a little wobbly, but he is so sweet and just wants to be loved. I went to the vet clinic (Dr. Lucinda Hodges and her husband Roger) to pick up two Pekes. I got to meet Fiona!! Fiona has been staying with them as one of our foster dogs. She gets to go to the clinic every day and be the mascot. She had a severe head tilt when she came into rescue, but is doing better now. Here is Autumn. We took her in as a heartworm positive dog. She is undergoing her treatment and will be available for adoption when she is done. She is a 1-2 year old and beautiful. She is very affectionate.Cassidy, the Hodges' dog, also gets to go to work every day. I'm sure he helps a lot-- you can see it, right?And here is Gilbert. He came into rescue last year with his brother, Sullivan. Sullivan died early this year of heart problems, but Gilbert still has a lot of friends at the clinic. His mom is the other vet at the clinic and she adores this little boy. I can see why-- I fell in love with him, too! He loves tummy rubs-- can you tell.Here is Autumn again. She wanted another picture taken.Then, we went outside for a walk-- 8 Pekingese and four people. Fiona, Desi and Autumn were checking out good spots.Alastor (another foster with a severe heart murmur, but so sweet!) and Gilbert are walking together.Oh, what a face Gilbert has-- don't you want to kiss him!Fiona is modeling her outfit. She dresses up every day for work.And here is Cowboy Opie again. He's at my house now--Cassidy dresses up for work, too. Love his tie.Of course, I met Diva Desi-- she had a pageant dress on. She's walking with Alastor.Her mom straightens her ruffles. She has a lot of outfits. Roger had to put up two hanging bars just for her.Pixie Dust is ready to hit the road.She was coming to my house for fostering. She's only ten pounds-- her name is perfect for her. We also called her Genie, after the wonderful woman who rescued her, but the name Pixie stuck. In the car, she tried to find a good spot to sit.We drove by mountains and fields.....Dark skies and lots of highway...She found a good spot on the seat, but then...Climbed into Beach Bit's car seat and fell asleep. She and Cowboy were so good on the ride. And they are both super sweet dogs!! If you are interested in one of them, let us know.


lady jicky said...

What lovely dogs they ALL are Linda!

I do hope you had a lovely break and its nice to see Peke People on the road home :)

Roger said...

We only had Pixie and Cowboy a short time but I do miss them terribly already.