Monday, January 7, 2013


 Chloe came into rescue last summer after she was picked up as a stray by a shelter.  She didn't do well at the shelter and needed to come to a calmer place.  
 She did so  much better out of the shelter.   Valerie is fostering her and loves this girl!    But, Valerie works long hours and she wants a home for Chloe where she won't be alone so much.
 She is waiting for that wonderful home to apply for her.   She deserves it.
 Chloe loves to play and is a true Pekingese cuddler.   She loves being close to people every chance she gets.
 She will follow you around the house and sit on your lap.   She's no couch potato though, she enjoys running outside and long walks.
 She loves to look out car windows.    She will also throw her toys in the air and try to catch them.    
 Chloe loves belly rubs and being brushed.   She doesn't mind baths and being blown dry.
 She has a sweet personality and will instantly become a member of the family.  
 Chloe needs to be the only dogs in the household because she just doesn't want to share her family.    She has enough love to fill your home and your heart.
If you ware interested in meeting this sweet girl, just email us!    She is 2 1/2 years old, housetrained and about 16 pounds.     She has a lot of energy and would be a happy addition to your home.

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