Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 We were asked to help this young Peke.   He had been turned in by two college students who said they couldn't afford them and didn't have time for them.   Frankie came with a Dachshund, but the shelter put that one down for behavior issues.    I suspect these dogs went through a lot and needed a chance.  We can help this one.  
 He's alert!   But, his ears don't stand up permanently like Chesters. :-)    Frankie is only a year old, so has a lifetime of love to look forward to.    He is scared, but now with us, he is beginning to wag his tail and realize he is safe.     He loves stuffy toys and is going to a foster home soon.   (He'll be with our vet a bit.)
He is thin right now, but he'll get all he needs to eat and have his medical done and be ready for a new forever home!    More pictures to come!!

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lady jicky said...

Another pretty white Peke Linda!
Such a sad story but .... Frankie is safe now and I am doing a Happy Adoption Dance for him right now!