Friday, January 18, 2013


 Remember the Peke mama and her puppies that were found in a ditch in early December?    She had emergency surgery to save her life (pyometra).   There is a back yard breeder in the area she was found, but animal control hasn't been able to find it.   They have dumped dogs before.
 The puppies were so small, but they were cared or by the staff of the emergency vet hospital and then taken home to be fostered by one of the staff.
 And look at them now!    They are probably about six weeks old now and adorable!   These two females are now called Dasher and Dancer.
 And the food dish makes a great seat.  
 They eat in a crate together (I wonder if Mama will eat their food haha), but.....
Mama hovers on the crate while they eat to keep an eye on them.    Peppermint is such a good mama.   The person fostering them is going to keep Peppermint--she has stolen their hearts.   One of the puppies might stay there, too, and the other has a home waiting or her also.   (They aren't with our rescue group.)   I'm so glad someone saw them and saved them-- it was a Christmas miracle!  And the miracle continues!


Paladin2010 said...

A story that started off rough but seems well on its way to a happy ending. Glad to see Peppermint is doing well and that her puppies are active and healthy.

Toni Davis said...

This is such a happy ending! Loving it! And look at those absolutely adorable puppies:)