Saturday, January 12, 2013


 Gracious came into foster care from a shelter-- she was in horrible condition.  She had been severely neglected, but she loves living her foster life with Jeanne.  Gracious is very laid back !!!! She does not play with toys nor does she play with any in the pack.    She would be very content with hanging out. She is not a kisser or licker, but she does get excited when it's meal time. When she goes out to potty and comes back into the house she is very excited and runs like a champ.
 She has soft beds to sleep on and lots to eat.  She gets fish oil on her food to help give her a wonderful coat.     There is such a huge difference in her health and appearance now from when we got her.
 She has limited vision, but gets around just fine.  She doesn't bump into things.   These dogs are amazing!
 She is a bit older, and loves to take naps.  I love the seniors!
 She can even get up and down stairs!    "I'm ready to come in!"
 She has Jeanne's wonderful yard to wander around in-- can't wait for spring pictures!
I think Gracious is trying to help with laundry.    Pekes seem to love laundry baskets--especially if laundry is IN them.    You are so cute, Gracious!

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lady jicky said...

How I wish I could take her !