Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Lolli-Pop and Beau-Beau came into rescue last year and went to a wonderful foster home.   When I picked up the pair (who had been found wandering down a road together), Beau-Beau was limping and Lolli-Pop was missing an eye.    Since lots of Pekes only have one eye, we just thought her eye had been removed.    The foster/now adoptive parents were taking care of many other health issues that "Pop" had and once those were under control, Pop went to an eye specialist.  The main vet had said it was not a good eye removal and  she needed to be seen.    The shock is that the eye specialist found out that Lolli-Pop had sustained a very traumatic injury before we got her and that the eye was still in there, just pushed far back.   She is having surgery today to remove  it and so I ask for you to say a prayer for this very sweet dog today.   She is having incredible care and the love she gets from her moms is amazing.    I love these two dogs, since they were with  me for awhile and I'm so glad they are in this home forever.    I'll update you as soon as I hear how Pop is doing.


lady jicky said...

OMG -- the eye is still there!

I am sending huge Pekingese Prayers Linda!!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Sounds like you are in great hands, Lolli-Pop. Hope your surgery goes well and you are on the mend soon.