Thursday, September 5, 2013


 I know none of OUR dogs can make our houses smell.   They are all too perfect-- like Bennett and his new sibling Candle above.  
 But, just in case you have a dog or dogs that do add a little scent to your home, here are some ways to help.    Camden above isn't one of them-- he's perfect and smells delightful. :-)
 Baking soda is great to use.   Just sprinkle it on your carpets and vacumn after a few hours.  (You can also leave it on 24 hours, and use a brush to get it deeper into the carpet.)   Chip, above, is a wonderful boy.   He was an older foster who now lives in N.Va.  
 This is Linus, a wonderfully sweet foster dog we have.     Another tip is that if you begin to smell some doggy odors, you can just spray vinegar in to the air.  
 Little Chloe above is always perfectly clean-- but just in case, here's another tip.    You can mix 1/4 cup of baking soda in a spray bottle, and mix and spray.   The baking soda will get rid off the dog smells.
 You can also add a little essential oil of vanilla or cinnamon to the mixture for a change.    Jeffrey above, is a beauty, still waiting for his home.
 Ricky and LJ rest on the bed.      They are groomed regularly, but homes can still get doggy smells.    Especially on rainy days.
 This is Lottie, my daughter's dog.    If it gets "doggy" there, a fabric softener  sheet can be put in an envelope and put under the cushions and when someone or some dog sits on the cushion, the scent will come out.  
 Look at sweet Miki-Harley.     Dogs can bring in dirt and smells from outside.   I use white vinegar to clean my kitchen tile and wood floors.   It's safe to use on anything.    And it cleans and gets rid of odors so well.
Tipper above, new to rescue, came in pretty dirty, but he's looking great now.    Keeping dogs clean and brushed helps keep odors away.    Do you have something that works for you?   Please share with us!   Most of us have multiple dogs (and some have cats, too), so we can all share our "keeping house clean" tips!

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lady jicky said...

Of course WE do not smell Linda but when Melinda and Steve starting getting "whiffy" we like to use this eucalyptus spray !
Moi Moi and Coco - Woofy we are Not but "they" can be! he, he !