Sunday, September 22, 2013


 Look at this cutie.    He was turned into us in Maryland.     He suffered some kind of eye trauma and is getting drops now.    He can see out of his other eye and is a sweet boy/  
 We are guessing he is at least 8 years old.    While at the vet, everyone complimented him on what a good boy he is.   He is active, loves to be walked, loves having his head rubbed.     He is good with baths and his eye meds.
His foster mom said, "this is one sweet, calm, well behaved little monkey."   I love to hear that! 
If you are interested in a really sweet one, just let us know!
I think his foster dad loves him! 

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lady jicky said...

I think a person on their own would love Louie as he is so sweet but I do think it sounds like he would love a family situation too!
Linda - he is so pretty!