Thursday, September 19, 2013


 Lacy sent me an email-- you know I love these!    Here's what she said,
"Hi Miss Linda,
It has been awhile since I have written. But I got so upset with my Mom.
She said that Mr. Winks and I were going to get a visitor and I got excited thinking maybe my Ashley came home from Egypt. No wait I think I hear someone coming up the driveway. 
 Boy did I get fooled. Can you believe that it was the groomer. Mom thought I smelled bad, girls just don't stink. Sometimes she calls Winks...Stink's, that I can believe. He smells. :) all 13 lbs of him.
 Any way thinking it was someone neat, I run to the fence. Let me say mom thinks she is funny. She said to stinks and I whoever gets here first goes first. Humph...I should have slowed down. Yes you guessed it...I went first. Humiliated I was. So into the truck I go. Mom likes having the groomer come to our house. Much safer for us, and to tell the truth..I don't freak out as much.  As I went with Mr. Jeff to the truck my thought was, hahah..stinks goes next.
So here are the before pictures...I am so cute...winks not so much. Coming up next are the afters...:)
 Here I am all fluffed and clean. I do like it..I feel pretty. ole winks wants to show off too..he picked up a leaf..haha. Mom took a couple more pictures
 I got pumpkin in my ear...guess I need another bath...sigh.
 Hope you and Mr. Matt had a nice anniversary, and please give all your puppies a hug from the Stinks and Me..hope we can come see you soon.
 hope we can come see you soon. Big puppy hug..
Miss lacy beans."  
Then, I received a short email from Mr. Winks!
 "Miss Linda,
Just for the record. I am way cuter than Lacy. She just wants to be the princess. Look who has the best seat though. I got up there all by myself. ( not sure Mom and Dad were to pleased). But it got my picture taken.
Mr. Winks  (These two are so cute-- no contest there!)

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lady jicky said...

Next time you hear that van Lacy - Run !!!

Kisses from Moi Moi and Coco :)