Monday, September 23, 2013


Jeffrey has been in rescue since February.   I don't know why!   As I've said before, I just can't figure out why some are adopted quickly and some aren't.   
 Jeffrey's foster family loves him and is willing to wait for that perfect family for him.     Here he is before his grooming.
 He's such a happy dog-- always smiling!    
 I see Odin peeking out in the corner of the picture.     And I see Jeffrey's smile again!
 Jeffrey is a big boy of about 22 pounds, but he has a big frame also.    He's housetrained and he is very good with kids.    He is fostered with a 5 year old human boy. :-)
 I think someone must have a treat here.    Are you waiting, big boy?
Jeffrey would be fine as an  only dog-- he just loves attention and loves his family.    Let us know if you would like this sweet boy.


lady jicky said...

Now Jeffrey sounds like a wonderful dog for an older person - infact he sounds like he would fit in just well here with my two old girl Peke's ... well, there are three old girls living here really! LOL

We are all doing a happy Adoption Dance for sweet Jeffrey!!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Jeffrey is a handsome big boy! Maybe he is meant to be a foster failure? You know his 5 yr. old human brother would really miss him and be very sad if he is adopted and leaves. (Hint! Hint!)