Wednesday, November 25, 2015


 Cosmo was joined by Penny (formerly Katrina of the Bristol 18).   She joined their family in 2010-- can it be 5 years already!  
 Cosmo likes to have his picture taken I think.
 JJ was a foster and I remember his foster mom saying he had been adopted when he was 3 and then the owner took him to a shelter at 6 years old.   It would be so nice if fosters could tell us what they have been through before we get them.    Phyllis fostered him 2 years ago--
 She told me then, "it would be wonderful for him to find a home where he stays forever."   Well, he got his forever home-- with his foster mom, Phyllis!    I'm so glad!   Look at that face.
 Penney adjusted so well to her new home when she was adopted -- and she loves her brothers.
 Yes, I think these dogs are comfortable in their home.   Relaxed, JJ? :-)
 And Cosmo looks very comfortable!
 They look like they sometimes just melt into the carpet.
 Penney is probably wondering what he is doing.
Cosmo obviously can relax anywhere.   This was last year and I think he'll do the same thing pretty soon when this year's tree goes up.    Are you all getting ready to send me Christmas Peke pictures?   I sure hope so!


lady jicky said...

As you know ... I have sent you my Christmas Peke Photo .

Coco and I are so interested ... lots of USA Peke's coming here soon !!!!!!!

Happy Christmas !

lady jicky said...

Well ,, I sent Coco's Christmas Photo so I am looking forward to many, many Must Love Peke's photos !!

lady jicky said...

I just love that photo of JJ upside down!