Sunday, November 15, 2015


 In light of all that is happening in the world, I wanted to give you a happy blog!   And Floyd is happy.
 He's been with me about three weeks.   He was in rescue for almost a month before that, with our vet in Roanoke.   He had a terrible mouth (infection, etc) and had to be on antibiotics for weeks before anything could be done to help his mouth.  (He lost 14 teeth during the dental.)  On top of it, he has a grade 5 heart murmur that you can feel just by picking him up.  
 Once he had his dental, he was able to come to me.   He began to feel better and as he healed, I saw amazing transformation in him.    He began to play!   He found some toys and grabbed them, threw them into the air, and then found them again.   Remember, Floyd is deaf and has only one eye that gives him limited sight.  So, watching him blossom and play has been a delight.
 He found a flat (no stuffing) raccoon and began to toss it in the air.   He was having so much fun.   I caught it on video and what you can't see is my Chumley and Kai Kai "helping" me film.   Look closely and you might see a fluffy bit of tail go by.   Click here: FloydNov2015 - YouTube

 With his heart condition, I worried that as he bounced and tossed and played, and even ran some, that his heart would not do well.   But, he seems to self-regulate.   And if he couldn't play and be happy, what's the point anyway.   So, he plays when he wants, he goes out in the yard with me and walks all over, he eats with joy, and sleeps when he needs to.
Little Floyd is precious.  I'm so glad he came here.   (And yes, he does seem to prefer pink beds haha.)

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Fiona Ross said...

Pink beds are the best, aren't they sweet Floyd? : )