Thursday, November 19, 2015


 You may wonder why I have a picture of this almost hairless, non-Peke.   His skin was like Joyful Grace's skin when he was at the shelter.
 Through our rescue working with another rescue, we were able to get Puff Daddy out of the shelter and to safety, where he began to heal.   (We care about all dogs and if we can help another get to safety/rescue, I'm all for that!)
 This was last year and Puff Daddy became a healthy, more active, 11 year old Pom.  As he was given medical, good food, and a lot of love, this senior began to thrive.
 So, when I look at Joyful Grace, I think, "I want that for her, too."
 Joyful has a lot of people praying for her-- and they say their dogs are praying, too!  
 Care and love have been sent to Joyful-- to snuggle Joyful in, to keep her warm, to bring the care that goes into the sending of the gift.  
Joyful has seen the vet a lot.   I'm so grateful for great-- and patient-- vets!    Look at Joyful surrounded by presents of love!
 I saw this picture of Puff Daddy yesterday.  Here he is with his buddy.   He has a full coat and he is in great shape.  
 If you click on this photo, it will enlarge-- just look at the stunning difference in Puff!!  
Now, when I am out, I see JOY things-- and I had to buy this one to put on my desk to remind me that we have hope for Joy-- and this group has hope for Joy.   I love this rescue-- we are like a family, who surrounds each other with support, encouragement and care.   If you have a JOY "something" in your house, post a picture on our facebook or send it to me in your comment.    Let's all rally around Joyful!

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Mike LaBelle said...

Jeanne, you are truly a blessing to our four legged friends. Thank you for your love of our little friends and for all that you do to keep them, safe, healthy and finding great homes for them.

Twinkie wishes them all the best.