Tuesday, November 10, 2015


 Louie was a 9 month old puppy that we took in from a NC shelter.   He had been hit by a car and needed his eyes removed.    In spite of his injury, he was a happy boy.   Dogs are so amazing in how they can adjust to what life brings them.
He has been to a many places and he loves to travel.    His hearing and smell let him know what is going on around him.
His mom absolutely adores him.    I know he feels the same.
Can you hear that waterfall?   I bet you can!  
The leaves are falling and he can hear crunching under his feet.   If you came to my yard, you would hear a lot!    I have so many trees, and that means a lot of leaves are on the ground.
Louie, you have the best family!   Post more pictures soon!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Yes Louie does have the best family and what a courageous Peke he is too!