Sunday, November 22, 2015


 We had our Peke meeting in Richmond today and of course, I took pictures of dogs. (No people, just dogs!)   Here is Cody.
 Desi wanted to run the meeting, but her mom told her she wasn't allowed.   She had on her Thanksgiving dress-- she is always so stunning!
 Rammi was there and seemed to remember us from when he was at our house.
 He has such a stunning coat and tail!   Floyd was in front of him-- are you photo-bombing, Floyd?
 Floyd found some toys and was happily chewing on them.
 Desi flitted by, looking for someone else to talk to.
 Tiny Sampson was there.    He is doing SO much better.  Everyone wanted to hold him!   He is about 8 1/2 pounds now-- so small.   He looks wonderful thanks to Lucinda's care.
 Onslow was just observing us-- he is precious.   What a beauty!
 Cody was staying close to his dad, Roger.   He has the most beautiful eye markings.
 Desi was on her mom's lap-- and so was Onslow!  Can you see him?    He was so cute there, just watching us all making decisions, having discussion, having ideas tossed around.   
 Onslow, you are just adorable!
Floyd had a long day and he was so good--but he was tired.   I think he was ready for a long night's rest!  I was, too!


lady jicky said...

Now , if you have to have a meeting ..... Peke's will make it more interesting in deed!!! LOL

Rebecca Meadows said...

This is too cute!