Sunday, November 1, 2015


 Monkey is Desi's foster brother.   Monkey came from a small rural shelter and was terrified.   He would just cower in the cage.   He had no chance of getting out of there unless we took him.   He came to the shelter because his owner passed away and the family did not want him.  He had lost his best friend and then was put in a cage in a strange, noisy place.  He is safe with our rescue and is looking for a forever home.    He weighs about 14 pounds and is 4 years old.   He just needs a little time to adjust but then will be your best and most loyal friend.
 Desi was resting up, too.    Wow, so many outfits, so much supervising of the Pekes who were in all the pictures.   I know she loaned her outfits to the girls, and is so generous.   It's a serious job to be in charge though!
Onslow, Desi's buddy, is exhausted.  Halloween photo shoots can take a lot out of you.   So, he's resting up now.    Maybe he's dreaming of Halloween candy-- dream on, little man.  You can't have any. (Sugar is just not good for Pekes.)
Sampson was tired, too.  He did not even get his outfit off!   That's okay, it keeps your little body warm.    Rest up.   Another holiday will be here in November!   And you know what that means-- more pictures!!

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lady jicky said...

Linda ... you know why they are all "resting" !!

Its the Post Halloween "Party Hard" with all that dancing and booze ------ they are all hungover !!! LOL