Friday, November 20, 2015


 Tucker came into rescue in 2006-- flea infested, anemic, and full of worms.   He needed some extensive care and he got it from Kristi, his foster mom (who has moved to South Dakota!).
 He loved to get in her laundry basket-- I think that must be a Peke thing.
 He was tiny, underweight, but we are good at getting them to eat.    After he was healthy, he was adopted into a wonderful home!    His owner/mom began to have health issues this past spring, so Tucker came to visit Kay and Claretta for awhile.   He went back home after a few weeks, but then his mom took a turn.    Kay and Claretta said he was welcome to come back permanently.
 He arrived in time to celebrate his 14th birthday!!
 And his new brother, Teddy, celebrated his tenth!   Happy Birthday, sweet boys!
 Tucker met his new vet.   She checked him over and Tucker is starting a new food to give him more energy.   He is already more alert and happy.
His new moms want to give him peace and happiness the rest of his life-- and I see toys, lots of toys there, too.    I know he will have the best of care!  
by Linda Maxwell

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lady jicky said...

What a beautiful face Tucker has!!

Yes ... back from holiday today been in Tasmania .