Sunday, July 24, 2016


 My husband was at work and someone asked what I did.  He told them I rescued dogs and found them new homes.  His friend said, "You mean she's a dog flipper?"   (Sweet Sophie above)
 I laughed and thought about it.   What is a dog flipper?    (Domino, Franklin, Teddy, and Tucker at the front)
Like a house flipper buys house that are in bad shape,  we take Pekes that are in dire need of help.   We sometimes take them into rescue without knowing what is wrong.  We just know help is needed.  (Koala above)
 House flippers want to find out what is wrong with a house (honest ones) and then they fix the problems.   We do bloodwork, xrays, evaluations to find out what each rescue needs.   Some don't have a lot wrong, but some really need a lot of help.
 House flipping can take a lot of time.  Healing a rescue can take a lot of time, too.  (Norton above)
 House flippers buy a house and then put money into it, hoping to make a big profit.   "Dog flippers"/rescuers are not looking into making a profit.   In fact, we just don't make a profit-- we are called non-profit for a reason.  (Buffy above)  (We are a 501c3 IRS group-- this status had to be applied for and we report every year.   We are a very honest group, accountable for our money intake and output.)
 House flippers may concentrate in one area.   We do that to a degree, taking in Pekes mostly from Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina area.   We don't care if the shelter is big or small, city or rural.   (Ollie above)
I'm sure house flippers occasionally buy a house that they don't make a profit on-- or that just doesn't sell easily.   In the rescue side, we sometimes take in dogs that we find are hard to adopt, or that just need to remain in our care.   We have several who need "hospice" care-- Floyd, Shelby, Joyful Grace are a few.    They have on going care needs that need a lot of monitoring and medication.    They are not "cases" that most people will adopt.   They also may be more fragile because of their health and moving them is just not a good idea.   We have some people who help support our permanent fosters-- thank you!
In house flipping, there is happiness when a project ends and a profit is made-- the bigger the better.    Our profits are in love, kisses and tail wags. Our profits are in happy adoptions, like Franklin's above.   So, maybe I am a dog flipper.   Maybe PVPC is in the "dog flipping" business.   If that means helping a dog that needs us to find a forever home in the best condition we can make him/her, then dog flipping is a good thing to be!

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LadyJicky said...

So glad there are many people throughout the world that are "Dog Flippers" and you are one of the BEST !!!!! Yeah.