Thursday, July 28, 2016


 I took a trip to a family reunion.    
 We drove a long way!   Away from the beach, toward the mountains, and over them.
 Past Kentucky horse farms...
 We drove through the mid-west, stunning in its beauty.   The farms and clouds were beautiful.
 We usually had three Bits in the car-- we went in tandem with one of our daughters.  We watched a lot of Dinosaur movies!!  They made lego things.
 This was the view from our room.   It was stunning.    We were in the Ozarks of Missouri.
 Swimming, walking, and time with family.
 I met family that I only knew through facebook.   I was amazed at their faith, their friendliness, their grace.    I have a renewed love for FAMILY.
 This was on the grounds of where we stayed.   I'm sure many weddings have taken place here.
 We were on the third floor up-- the top floor must have had even more amazing views.   It was HOT though.  The last day cooled down to 82-- lovely!!
 So the pools were used a lot.
 Our daughters were there and we had wonderful time with them and their families.   We are so blessed!
 Beach Bit was there-- he rode out with us and Sugar Bit and her mom flew.   Sugar Bit is NOT a fan of long car rides.
 This was going to the airport-- that's about all she could handle.
 Going back home-- through more rural areas and gorgeous skies.
And home!    I was so glad to see my dogs!!   Eight days is just too long to be gone.   Nothing like home!

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LadyJicky said...

Thank goodness for lego and Dinosours - hey Linda! LOL

You went through beautiful country!