Wednesday, July 13, 2016


 Tinsel came into rescue 2 1/2 years ago.   She has just come back to us because her owner had serious health issues and the family returned Tinsel to us.
 When Tinsel came into rescue (in December of 2013-- hence her name), she had been a breeder dog.   She had large inquinal hernias, so another pregnancy would have probably ended her life.  Therefore, she was of no use.  So she was discarded.  Surgery fixed all her problems.
 She was about 3 when we got her, so she's going on 6 now.
 She loves her people and seems to be housetrained.
 She was thin when we got her-- about 11 pounds.
 She was overfed though and now needs to go on a diet.   Poor girl, I'm sure she loves to eat.   Dogs can only get fat if we feed them too much (unless there is a medical issue), so she just has to have a little less each day and the weight will come off.
 She is a sweet, loving girl.   She loves to give kisses and has a soft, pleasing little bark.  She would love to sleep on the bed.   She has not shown any aggression with the other dogs at her temporary foster home.  (We are moving her to her foster home soon.)
 She is ready for a new forever home.
 You can tell she is happy-- just look at that smile!
If you are looking for a happy, sweet, loving Peke, just email us at


LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda ..... you Know I love a Black Peke and if I lived in the US ..... Miss Tinsel would be under my tree!!!

OK ..... I am about to do my Adoption Dance for the prettiest black Peke I know!!!!!!

Advanced Senior Benefit Solutions Agents said...

Is she still available

Linda said...

To the person who asked if Tinsel was still available-- yes she is! You can fill out an application on our web site: