Wednesday, July 20, 2016


 Millie needed our help.   She had been used as a breeder dog for her entire life and now she was free from that.   But, a shelter is not the place to be for a special girl.
 She was about 13 and had no vision.   We took her in, anticipating she would be with us the rest of her life.
 We had amazing people help to get her to her foster home.
 Then, a very special person, one who loves seniors, applied to adopt her.  WOW!!   Millie climbed into this open crate at her new home-- you don't have to be there, sweetheart.
 Millie is doing so well and she has filled the empty spot left when her new owner's other dog passed away.
I love people who will adopt seniors, give them love.   We may not have them as long, but the love is just as deep.   We love you, Millie Lee!

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LadyJicky said...

To the people that adopted Millie ... I had two Pekes that were "breeder Peke's" and both were just lovely.... Moi died last year - a week ago last year :( ... but I still have Coco and she just loves us so and enjoys her life now - like Moi did too.
Enjoy Miss Millie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!