Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Max was my foster dog in 2005.  He came into rescue with his brother, and they were both about 2 years old.
 Max was the sweetest boy!
 He was adopted by an incredible young couple.     I fell in love with them-- and knew what a great home Max would have.
 He took his special tennis ball with him-- and also gained a new brother-- Uggli the Pug.  Ugs. :-)
 They are both older now-- Ugs is almost 13 and so is Max.  Ugs has arthritis so it's hard to get around.  
 Max met Floyd and they were so sweet together.
 Max and his family came to say good-bye.  They are moving to Texas today.   The movers have come and gone, the cars are packed and they are on their way.  I wish I could have seen them more while they lived here, but I was so blessed that they took the time to let me see Max before they left.  They have two children now, and are a family I admire so much.   They are so full of love.
Have a safe trip, Max and Uggli-- I will stay in touch on facebook.  I'm so glad we have that to keep up with friends and with our former foster dogs!
 I love you, sweet boy!


LadyJicky said...

Happy travels to them all to Texas!
Stay away from those cactus .... Ouch !!

Lost Earring said...

What a lovely "pick-me-up story for today. Thank you.

Heritage Fashions said...

Whar a pretty boy and he has a buddy going along. A lovely story.