Saturday, July 2, 2016


Butterscotch was a stray in a Maryland shelter.   We were able to get him out of there.
Ida, thank you for helping!!    He had just been neutered, but before the cone was put on, he did a job on his stitches.  Bummer!!!
Ida took him to her vet and got a new c-collar for him, and also had his eye checked.   It was fine.  The shelter thought he was 4-5 years old, but he is probably about 7.   He is going to have a dental in a few weeks and then will be available for adoption.   He only weights 13 pounds-- I'm not sure if he needs to gain any, but he will be getting great food from now on.
 Ida's dogs (and granddogs) Jasper, Allie Marie and Taz were looking on.   They wanted to encourage Butterscotch.
They know he doesn't feel very good now, but with the loving care and medicine, he will be okay.   
He is getting a lot of snuggles to assure him that his old life is done and his new life has begun.
Allie Marie is showing him out to relax-- yes, I think Butterscotch will be doing this soon!!   Welcome to rescue sweet boy.


LadyJicky said...

Butterscotch blends in with all of Ida's dogs! Mmmmmmmm

I am about to do my Adoption Dance for sweet Butterscotch ... that is ... if - perhaps - Ida's adds him to her butterscotchy Peke collection ! LOL

Lost Earring said...

My husband fell in love with Butterscotch at first glance. It amazed me, he was walking by my desk and glanced at the photo of him and just like that Butterscotch struck him in his heart.

We'll be watching closely to follow Butterscotch to his Furever home.