Sunday, August 7, 2016


 My dogs had a restful week-end.   Kai Kai just hung out.  
 Starlight and Floyd laid on the cool kitchen floor-- a fan was blowing on them.
 Chumley found another spot that was comfortable.
 Max almost made the bed-- but the wood floor is cooler.
 And my granddog, Callie, just hung out with us while her family was out for the morning.   And me?  What was I doing?   Matt and I helped a neighbor cut up a huge tree that fell down.   We were dragging branches, using a chain saw (Matt, not me), sawing down dead branches.   We love helping our neighbors.    And this was a big tree- we got a lot done.    We were tired, but...
Then, we went here.   There was a play we wanted to see, and so we did.   The setting alone can make you relax.  It's beautiful.   What did you and your dogs do this week-end??


LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful place you went too after the felling of that tree Linda!

Mmmmm..... what did we do ?
Well .... its not raining this weekend (yeah) and so the lawn needs to be cut and I am doing tons of washing .

Her ladyship is in her bed!!!! Rrrrr

Lost Earring said...

We did the "stay in place" ...all three Furs occupied their own air condition vent with 3 fans blowing for us except for Dave and my daughter on Saturday late afternoon/early evening with a puppy rescue trip from Wytheville to Roanoke, Va. Six Beagle puppies only 3 months old. And what a trip since they didn't have crates from their original start in Mississippi.

According to my husband, his shoes were untied at least 6 or 7 times, 2 of the puppies wanted to help Donna drive and upon arrival in Roanoke 4 of the puppies managed to tangle their leashes and took Dave down. Then he had 6 puppies jumping on him to play.

When he arrived home, he had 3 furious Furs trying to find out why he smelled like a herd of puppies.