Saturday, August 27, 2016


 Lacy came into rescue in January, 2010-- over 6 1/2 years ago.   Doesn't seem that long.
 She was pretty sick, just over 8 pounds, and missing a lot of hair.
 She had to wear a sweater most of the time, but she didn't mind at all.
 She was adopted by a wonderful couple and became a member of their family.
 While she was visiting my house, I loved how big her beautiful eyes were.    She was such a sweet girl.
 Lacy was anywhere from 3-6 when she came into rescue.  The shelter said she was 3, but we just never know.   Lacy has had some health issues, and has been getting a lot of vet care.  Her mom also took her to a chiropractor/massage therapist and acupuncturist for dogs.  
 Lacy is so smart and she sent me an email!  Here it is:

Hi Miss Linda,
This is Lacybeans. Guess what?? I have been having some issues that happens when we get older 🐶 I have a resistant UTI and also have been having real problems walking.
My hearing isn't so great either( except I can hear the treat bag). So today my mom put me in her new little car that I hadn't gotten to ride in yet...winks did and I wasn't happy about that oops off subject..anyway we went over the bay bridge to the vet I went. I got to see a really nice lady that is going to try and help me walk better. She is a chiropractor, massage therapist and an acupuncturist for dogs and cats. She worked me over this morning and work me she did. I got should have heard my leg do a little crack. Mom cringed. I didn't I was a big girl.  She gave mom exercises to do on me before I go back Next week, but this time  I will have acupuncture..not real sure if I will like the needles ewwww, but if it helps me to walk better and not get these icky UTI I will be really happy.
 Guess what's a secret but I heard my mom and dad talking and my big sister is coming home for a visit from this place called Switzerland...and she is bringing something called a Grandbaby. Hope it's something that I can play with :) They can't wait. The house is all a buzz getting cleaned and furniture moving all over the place. It's hard work keeping track of them.
Here are some pics mom took today so you can see what a good girl I was. :)
And ewww tomorrow is bath day...just stating for the record...YUCK!

Big hugs hope to see you soon...
Love Lacy
I'm so glad Lacy has such a loving home!   We hope this for every Peke we take in!


Lost Earring said...

Oh what a beautiful story and what beautiful eyes Lacybeans has, I'm sure that with a wink and flutter of her eye lashes she gets whatever she wants.

Thanks for a great Saturday morning story.

LadyJicky said...

I hope the therapy goes well for Lacy's back and legs ..... yes , she sure has a loving home:)