Thursday, August 25, 2016


 Starlight came into our lives almost 9 years ago when she was three years old.   She'll be 12 in October.   She made it VERY clear that she was not going anywhere, not going to be adopted.   So, she stayed.   Starlight somehow (??) got her mouth caught on a floor vent.   She panicked and it came up, still attached to her mouth, and she tried to hide.   In her panic, the vent also hit her face, damaging her eye.
 On Starlight's recheck appointment, two of the Bits went with me.  (I take care of them while my daughter teaches at a local university.)
 My vet has a wonderful play area for children, and Sugar Bit and Beach Bit loved it.
 Beach Bit never gets tired of playing with the farm blocks there.  His back pack is full of airplanes.   They go everywhere with him!
 Since Sugar Bit was out of the stroller, Starlight got to be in the stroller.  
 She thought she was hot stuff!
 At the end of the visit, we were checking out.   Abbey got a dog biscuit and Starlight didn't want it.   Guess who thought it was wonderful-- Sugar Bit!
 I'm not in the habit of feeding my grandbits dog food, but this treat is "human safe."   I'm fine with that.   (Her other grandmother might cringe.)
Starlight eye is healing so well.   I'm so glad-- she sure gave us a scare!


LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda , when I read the heading!!! I have to confess ... my heart stopped!

I am so glad that pretty , pretty Starlight is fine and the eye is healing.

OMG .... those bits ... getting so big :)

Margie Lindsey said...

So glad she is healing well!

Valerie ValerieR said...

She is sooo cute! Your little bits are, too!! Glad Starlight is okay. She is just so petite and precious!!