Friday, August 19, 2016


 Look at this face-- do you want to kiss him??  I do!  
 Waddles came to our rescue from a Maryland shelter in March.   They asked for help because they thought he was about 12 years old, had almost no teeth or sight.   Many rescues will not take seniors-- but we love them.   We just hope people will adopt them.
  I love the seniors-- I must sound like a broken record.   So many will adopt the young ones, but the old ones touch my heart.  They need a place to end their lives well and with love.  
 Waddles has eye drops, and a special diet.   He only weighs about 11 pounds-- a little thing!   He is so sweet and gets along well with other dogs.
 His foster mom and dad went on vacation, so he's visiting Butterscotch and Jasper, Taz and Allie Marie.   Jasper just thinks he's a Peke-- a beautiful boy!!
 They are all guarding the street and I'm sure Waddles would help if he could see!!  
 It's a tough day at work--- you can tell.
 And Waddles decides to supervise in the office.
 I have the same thing going on in my home office (which is also a playroom for the Bits).
Ida's house is a great place to visit or live-- a Happy Place!!


LadyJicky said...

Oh that Waddles is just lovely !!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Love you Mr. Waddles.