Tuesday, August 9, 2016


 Butterscotch came into rescue in late June.   He was timid in the shelter.  Most Pekes don't do well in shelters-- it's a scary place for them!  He was pretty sick when we got him, and in a lot of pain.   He just did not feel well.
His foster parents, Ida and Jim, have brought him a long way!
He is doing so much better and he even flies over "valleys" in the yard.   Look at him go!
 Butterscotch joined Allie Marie and Taz.  They would help him learn how to be a calm Peke.  Or maybe they could teach him how to be suave and silly, too.
 Jasper is Butterscotch's temporary brother-- until Butterscotch is adopted.
 Faolan is there sometimes, too.   He's one of the granddogs (so is Taz).
 Allie Marie (above) is helping Butterscotch to become  more secure.  He loves to run in the yard.    He enjoys sitting on the desk and watching the world go by.   He eats well, loves his food.   He will go outside but also will use piddle pads inside.
 He's not sure about leashes though-- for some reason they scare him.   What happened to you, little one?  We don't know if he was isolated alone for long periods of time or abused, but he does have some anxiety, so he needs a patient owner.    He loves belly rubs, kisses on the head, and gentle brushing.  His tail is a little sensitive (sounds like my Max!).  He is learning to walk on a leash-- having walking buddies helps a lot.   He is learning about toys-- he is interested in them, but hasn't started to play yet.
Ida is helping him learn he is safe, secure and loved.   Butterscotch is about 13-14 pounds and 4 years old we think.   He gets eye drops once a day -- a pretty normal thing for Pekes.  
 If you are interested in adopting him, just fill out an application on our web site: Click here: Online Application adopt - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club
 Allie Marie wants her buddy to have a wonderful forever home.


LadyJicky said...

Oh boy .... can that Butterscotch FLY!!!
I would love him but .... to Australia is a pretty LONG flight!!!!

Lost Earring said...

I can't begin to tell you how much joy and amusement I got out of Butterscotch "flying". It just makes the day perfect to see the little guy living happily thanks to the love and freedom of being rescued and given a new life.

Thank you.