Monday, August 29, 2016


 I was doing yardwork on Saturday.    Mowing, edging, spreading 3 yards of mulch.   (That's about half of a dump truck.)   Kai Kai and Floyd were checking out what we had done.
 Floyd had to taste the mulch.   We specifically told the nursery that because we had children and dogs here, the mulch had to be non-toxic.   I still would rather he left it alone.
 I was working and stepped on a dead lower branch of a plant.    I've done this before and they snap off.   Nothing unusual.   This time, though, it's snapped fast and my foot bent sideways FAST.   Dang it.
 I didn't stop, just kept going.   It's didn't hurt and I figured I'd ice it later.   By the time I came in, and cleaned up, my foot was swollen and turning colors.   Bummer.   (My ankle was fine.)
 Starlight felt so badly for me-- can you tell.
 Max was very concerned.   The good thing about having Pekingese-- you learn all kinds of balance tricks.   Floyd, especially, is my silent stalker!   He can be under my feet or behind me without any notice at all.   I have learned to catch myself fast.   I stepped on one of Chumley's toys and stopped immediately so I didn't hurt my foot again.  
 Sugar Bit thought the ice bag was something to eat.  She kept sampling it-- and saying "Yum!"
 She could tell it was cold, and kept trying to taste it.
 "Where's the flavor??"
 At least, I was almost done when I hurt myself.   The play area is now "padded."    Now to plant grass seed in the outer part of the yard.  (I can't keep grass there-- the rain keeps washing it away-- any suggestions??  It's a very shady area.)
 And it's all ready for wagon rides down the hill.    (It's a short hill.)
Kai Kai stayed by my side while I was icing my foot.   It's better and just multi-colored now.   Nothing broken, and I am getting around fine.  I thought yard work was safe!  

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LadyJicky said...

I am so glad your foot was not broken Linda!!!